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Thriving in Love, Dating, and Loving Partnership in the 21st Century


Loving, supportive love IS your birthright ❤️
The thing is you have to claim it, go after it, and bring it into existence ✨
... and know how to do it right 😅

This class will give you the tools to do just that!

Relationships and Dating in the 21st Century ...super simple right? 😳😅

Never before have people been as confused about how to Thrive in Love and Dating

But ...
did you know there are tools you can start using RIGHT NOW to totally change the way you date and engage in love so you CAN have an incredible dating life and relationship? 😍

In this class we will be covering:

😘 Dating dos and don’ts for men and women in the 21st Century
😘 Learn what needs to be true in a relationship for you to feel seen, loved, and appreciated
😘 Learn the three kinds of attachment styles that you need to know about to make sure you’re walking into the right kind of relationship from the get go
😘 How to be super sexy to the opposite sex - we’ll be discussing polarity and how to become wildly attractive
😘 How instinct in dating leads to disaster and years of failed relationships
😘 The stages of development of men so you’ll know how to support your male partner as a lady, and for the gents for you to know yourself better and stop making yourself wrong for being a man
😘 How men can better understand how women relate to dating and relationships so women won’t be such an enigma
😘 How men and women communicate DIFFERENTLY and what you need to know to have effective communication with the opposite sex
😘 Dating and flirting in the 21st century without the confusion of gender-roles
😘 A secret tool that will forever change how you create win-win situations in any “conflict” that you were previously afraid to discuss, while feeling more loved and supported than ever
😘 How to heal any hurt that you’ve experienced from your partner in a relationship
And sooooo much more!

It’s going to ROCK your world!
(and for those of you already in a relationship, it could have some really sexy passionate side effects as soon as tonight 😈, wink wink)

Loving, supportive love IS your birthright ❤️
The thing is you have to claim it, go after it, and bring it into existence 
... and know how to do it right 😅

This class will give you the tools to do just that!

There REALLY is a proven method to win at love, you've just probably haven't heard of it... I know I hadn't until this new way of being blew my mind 🤯

Not everyone knows this, but did you know I’ve been studying 📖,
well let’s call it what it really is...
Did you know that I’ve been obsessed with the study of loving relationships for over 6 years? 🤓

I have spent tens of thousands on dollars 💸 on love and relationship coaching,
I have read every book 📚under the sun,
Studied as many thriving relationships 💑 as I’ve been able to find,
Had countless conversations 🗣 with those in thriving marriages going longer than 10 years where they are still in love, still passionate, having lots of sex, supporting each other and growing together ❤️
I was a consultant for a dating app to bring LOVE to the world 😘
I work basically with ALL my clients on their dating and relationships
It lights me up like a Christmas tree to do this work 🎄
...this is my JAM!

And... I totally changed 💫 my life when it came to how I approached,
and who I was,
in relationships and dating,
And now that I’m single… 😘
I get asked out by an incredible man almost any time I’m out
Men open doors, pull chairs, offer coats, are total gentlemen…
(which is actually their NATURE 😍)
Did you know men are amazing and super romantic?
And while I date, I’m eagerly waiting for the right person to build what I KNOW with EVERY fiber of my being, will be an incredible, amazing, loving partnership 💛

I mastered loving partnership 🙌
I became a student of love
Committed to love ❤️
This is one of those areas where I feel really, REALLY confident

Now, this wasn’t always the case
I was TERRIBLE at relationships 😣
Truly, painfully awful …
I was what one of my coaches calls a “Frog Farmer”…
I turned great men into frogs… ouch 

I had NO IDEA I was doing this dating and partnership thing ALL WRONG 🙅‍♀️
And I had every excuse to get it wrong...

My whole life I had been told by our culture and society how to be a “strong, independent woman,”
How to not need a man…
And while I definitely became that, strong and independent,
I also obliterated my chances of the kind of relationship i dreamt of because of how I was showing up 😰

Then, I decided to get serious about mastering loving partnerships 🤨
I was going to do this
I was going to become one of the best in this space
I would dedicate the time, energy, and yes money, to master this space

And everything changed 💫
I learned things that I had NO IDEA 🤯 I was doing that were killing my chance at love
And turned things around …
I learned about how men and women who want to be in a loving, helathy, thriving, sexy, passionate heterosexual relationships needed to know about love, dating, partnership, sex…
and my life totally changed

And I want to share as much as I can of what I learned with YOU!! 🤩

👉 If you’ve ever felt lost or confused about love and dating in today’s world,
this is the class for you

Last time I taught this class people were stunned by the information we shared about love, dating, and partnership 😲
They left empowered 🔥
Knowing there was a totally different way to do dating and love 👊

That’s because THIS STUFF isn’t taught
❤️ It will be politically incorrect
❤️ I will talk about how men and women are DIFFERENT in love, and understanding our differences leads to compassion, understanding, love, and more and better sex
❤️ Yes, hold on to your seats, we will talk about sex
❤️ It will be surprising
❤️ It might challenge you
❤️ It will ask you to stretch and change how you show up in relationships
❤️ It will change how you do dating, relationships, and love
❤️ It will be helpful for men and women
❤️ And it WORKS,
I promise you, from personal experience,
It freaking works 💯

If you want true, meaningful, fulfilling, sexy, passionate, grounded, supportive, years of marriage and still have the hots for each other...
kinda love 💖
Just interested in games and one-nights stands? This is NOT the right class for you

You can’t 🙅‍♀️ keep doing relationships the way it’s usually been done
Or how you see it in media...
It’s time to change a LOT of what you knew about love and dating 

I'll will be sharing sooooooo much information that could totally transform your relationship to dating and partnership just from our class together,
A bold promise 🔥 I know

Remember, long-lasting, sexy, passionate, supportive, meaningful, fulfilling love IS possible, it is your birthright... and it's a skill, it requires intentionality

The goods news is that if you apply yourself, and do the work, you really can win at love ❤️