ONLINE FREE TRAINING (valued at over $5,000)

Full-Day Business Training Event To Get You Thriving Online

PIVOT TO ONLINE TO THRIVE DURING UNCERTAIN TIMES - During this One-Day online event we'll cover the best practices to pandemic-proof your business, so you can thrive ONLINE, and know EXACTLY how to do so!

It has never before been more important for your coaching, consulting, or service-based small business to be online. 

👉 Are you wondering how to take your coaching, consulting, or small business ONLINE 👩‍💻, but you don’t know HOW?
👉 Are you looking to attract more customers and bring in more sales 💰?
Do you want your dream clients and customers, looking 👀 for your products and services, rather that you having to go out to and hunt 😣 for them?
👉 Do you want to be able to make more sales easily 💵, and increase prices📈?
👉 Do you want to stand out 💎 from the other businesses in your space, all while collaborating more and competing less?
👉 Do you want to know what social media platforms you NEED to be on to attract 🌟your ideal clients and learn WHAT strategies 😳 to actually do on those platforms to bring in more business easily?
Did you say YES to any of these? 🙋‍♀️
Then you HAVE to attend this One-Day FREE Business Workshop 🤩 for coaches, consultants, and small business owners for learning how to Thrive Online through Covid19. 🏆

During our time together we will go over the best secrets 🤫, ninja hacks, and strategies, that YOUR business NEEDS to follow for you to thrive in this time of COVID, and know how to thrive using social media and technology 👩‍💻📱🏆.

ONLINE FREE TRAINING (valued at over $5,000)

Pivot to Online 

Full-Day Business Training Event To Get Your Thriving Business Online

PIVOT TO ONLINE TO THRIVE DURING UNCERTAIN TIMES - During this One-Day online event we'll cover the best practices to pandemic-proof your business, so you can thrive ONLINE, and know EXACTLY how to do so!

April 24, 2020 12pm PT- 5pm PT

Become a Client Magnet of Your Dream Clients

Luz will teach you the strategies to easily have your ideal clients come to YOU, rather than you having to work so hard to find them, with little to no results. You'll be amazed at how easy this can be!

Master Social Media and Digital Content Strategy

Luz will teach you exactly what platforms YOUR business needs to be on and how to easily book more consults and get more sales by learning how to use social media for your business. 

No More Overwhelm, Confusion, and Feeling Lost by Tech and Digital Strategies

Luz will guide you step-by-step for you to know exactly what strategies you need to implement for your business, and which ones are just a waste of your time (most of them). Never feel lost with tech again! 

Luz C. Gonzalez,
Your Digital Strategy Coach

Online Business Strategy Expert, International Speaker, SalesBrand CEO 

Luz specializes on working with coaches/consultants/small business owners who want to thrive online through their online business presence and programmatic strategies



Luz C. Gonzalez is a former Berkeley Law educated, International Human Rights and Criminal Law Lawyer, Harvard Published, Silicon Valley Startup CEO. 

Luz has over 10 years experience in the online branding space. She spent 4 years in Silicon Valley running branding and marketing for various companies, including her own tech startup, presented around the U.S. training on online presence and branding for sales to school districts and educational systems, led online branding efforts for an organization supporting over 11k people at UC Berkeley, and currently supports a multi-million dollar coaching organization on digital presence strategy.

Luz is a world-expert in how to utilize behavioral economics, neuroscience, and evidence-based strategies in business online branding, and is committed to getting entrepreneurs like you, to have your business presence online without stress, overwhelm, or confusion. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We will come together on 4/24/20 from 12pm PT - 5pm PT. 

We will be hosting this training on Zoom. Claim your Full Scholarship to this event, and after you sign up, inside you'll see the zoom link. All you have to do then is join us at 12pm PT for the Live training. 

In order to protect the confidentiality of all participants, we are not releasing a recording of this event. Please plan to attend the entire event and set yourself up to be fully present.

Yes! There has never before been a more important time to get your business online, and I will make it easy for you to win online.

Yes. The elements Luz is teaching build upon each other, so it is important to attend the entire event. We will be sure to include breaks about every hour, and will include a masterminding lunch break, so you will have some down time, but I highly recommend that you clear your schedule for the entire day so you can focus on the learning and executing these important strategies for your business.

This will be a very hands on experience, where from the get-go you will be executing on strategies that will get your business results. You will be brainstorming, answering questions, connecting with other business owners, and taking massive action towards your most important business goals. 

For the best experience, we recommend using a laptop or desktop computer and the Chrome internet browser. Before you attend, check that your system is compatible with a virtual environment and test zoom if you can.
Also, remember to wear pants :) We’ll ask you to turn your camera on so we can create community connection throughout the event!
Once you register, we’ll send you everything you need to prepare for the event ahead of time, so be on the lookout for the final email on Thursday for the final details of the event. 

You don't need a webcam, but I highly recommend for you to have one at the ready so you can be as engaged as possible! 

This is a training valued at over $5,000, but I am gifting it to you because I want YOU to succeed, especially in these uncertain COVID times. 


ONLINE FREE TRAINING (valued at over $5,000)

Full-Day Business Training Event To Get You Thriving Online

PIVOT TO ONLINE TO THRIVE DURING UNCERTAIN TIMES - During this One-Day online event we'll cover the best practices to pandemic-proof your business, so you can thrive ONLINE, and know EXACTLY how to do so!

"Before Luz's Blueprint, I had no idea how to turn my 10+ year career as a podiatrist into an online business that could provide me with location freedom and that would replace the income I make being a doctor. I no longer wanted to be the prisoner of my office work, and I look forward to be able to live wherever I want and work on my own schedule. PPB has given me the tools and resources to get my practice online, and to know how to bring in clients, and at some point scale my business through the power of online! Thanks to PPB I know what steps I need to take to thrive!"

Dr. Tracy Robillard

"After taking Luz's Passion to Profit Blueprint, and partaking in the accelerator (I made sure to NEVER miss a call, no matter what as these were so valuable), I feel so confident in my real estate consulting business. I have clarity that I didn't have before, I know how to win in a business I had been in for YEARS prior, I redid my website, I learned about how to utilize LinkedIn for my consulting work, I feel so empowered knowing how to use Facebook Groups for my business, and I have new clients I am so excited to be working with. I overall I feel so confident and strong after taking the Passion to Profit Blueprint. I learned so many things I wouldn't have known about that are so critical for my business, and I couldn't have done it without Luz. I highly recommend anyone feeling confused, overwhelmed, or lost by tech and social media to take the PPB Course, it will teach you how to win at creating a 21st Century Business, and Luz's energy in teaching the course is so inspiring! "

Tony Faulkner

"I met Luz at a business training, and after speaking to her and understanding that she worked with professionals like me, who although we may have years and decades of experience in our particular fields, aren't sure how we turn that expertise into a profitable online business, I knew I had to work with her. Since receiving Luz's support, and joining her Online Course and Accelerator, I know what concrete steps I need to take to turn my newest book into a profitable online business, and learned of possible wrong turns I could have taken at the beginning of my journey was it not for Luz. Thanks to Luz's coaching, I now am bringing in high-tier consulting clients while I build a scalable productized online business, that will afford me the ability to both work with high-level decision makers in my industry and command elite prices, while at the same time supporting the consumer side of my business model, scaling my business to a wider-consumer market, and making more impact in the world. I would not have the certainty I now have as to how to thrive online if it wasn't for the online course and my time in the accelerator with Luz. "

Professor Jeff Oxendine

"I invested in seminars, I invested in books, but I felt like I lacked accountability. Now after coaching, I don't set a goal and think damn, I didn't get to it. Now I'm accountable to my big goals, and they get DONE. Part of the reason I signed up for the 1-1 coaching is that I wanted to set bigger goals that scared me. After starting coaching with Luz, I set some scary goals for my business and personal life. For my brand-new Amazon business I had a goal of bringing in $20k a month, and Luz pushed and asked why I wasn't setting a bigger goal. So then I changed it to $25k and wound up bringing in close to $30k. Now, we're going for a $70k month. I wouldn't have done it if I hadn't been pushed to stretch for a bigger goal."

Edwin Deras

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