Building an online thriving business doesn't have to be hard, 
it's actually quite simple!

Let me show you!

Imagine what it would be like to have your business represented online on all the RIGHT platforms, and knowing what those right platforms are for your specific business, and then waking up to messages from your ideal clients reaching out to you?

Messages from clients, potential partners, brands that would like to have you work with them - not you reaching out to day, after day, feeling disheartened at a lack of responses. 

Imagine not having to compete on price again, because you are the authority figure in your field thanks to your online business and brand. 

Imagine creating a raving fan culture, where your customers and clients want to work with you, and you only, for life. Building unprecedented levels of loyalty in ways that your competition cannot even imagine 

Have you ever wanted to start a profitable online based business ​that leads to ​time, location, and financial freedom 💸but didn't know where you would even get started?

Have you ever felt lost about HOW to actually make it happen? Feeling confused as to the specific steps to follow and HOW to get it done? 

Wouldn't it feel like a weight lifted off your shoulders if you knew that there was a simple process to follow to have your business thrive online?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the SalesBrand - Passion to Profit Blueprint is the right next step for you, and I would be so thrilled to have you join our SalesBrand community - business owners who understand that having a presence and strategy online is paramount to success in today's world. 

Being a SalesBrander you'll understand that you:

  • - don't have to do ALL the things
  • - there is a logic and sequence to follow that will have you know what platforms your business needs to be on and when, so your dream clients find you and are eager and ready to work with you 
  • - there are simple and easy steps that will lead you to become an authority in your space and command higher prices 
  • - and yes, tech is here to help you, and it doesn't have to feel overwhelming or scary
  • - your online business and brand will be like an extra employee who works 24/7, and magnetizes the right clients and partners to you 

The Passion to Profit Blueprint is for you if:

A. You're a coach, consultant, small business owner, solopreneur, expert, author, speaker who wants to monetize your expertise and experiences, and use the power of online to help you create a thriving business 

B. You feel overwhelmed and lost when it comes to knowing what you should execute on, and in what order, in terms of all the plethora of online strategies to get your business presence online (there is a way to do this wrong)

C. You've ever felt lost and overwhelmed by tech. You're not sure what tools to use or how to use them. You want more step-by-step guidance, and tech tutorials, so you will feel more comfortable with online tools and resources, so your business can kick some major butt online! 


Let's also be clear about what this program is and isn't.

Is this a get-rich quick scheme? No. It will take time, and your results will depend on how quickly you do the work and how well you execute. 

Will it require work? You will have a lot of work to do, especially if you're just starting online. Many of the things I'll ask you to do will be outside of your comfort zone, but if you show up, do the work, you will be so proud of the person you've become. You will gain expertise in building a successful, profitable business, and you'll know that you can do it again and again - now you have the system to win. And you'll see results, but you gotta do the work. 

If I follow the blueprint will I get results? Yes. Can I guarantee results with 100% certainty? No. I don't have control over all the factors that lead to success, such as doing the assignments, following through with all the steps, building the necessary components of your business. But if you follow the process, if you do the work, if you implement the things I ask you to do, it would be hard for you to not build a profitable business and make money. One of our students said "you'd have to be trying not to make money, to have the blueprint not work for you."


You'll be the right fit for the SalesBrand Passion to Profit Blueprint programs if:

  • You're ready to have your business represented online in a powerful, profitable way
  • You want to create location, time and financial abundance in your life through your business (how would you like to work from the beach, while sipping a Piña Colada)

  • Are committed to taking action. You are ready to execute on the strategies, ask questions in our group forum, and ready to roll up your sleeves and get a lot more attention on your work - while the steps are simple, it is work

  • You want to condense the amount of time that it will take you to start thriving online 

  • You are ready to take life into your own hands and build an incredible life (and pay it forward!) 

Today, you decide whether you'll continue to feel lost, and overwhelmed when it comes to launching and growing your business online. It doesn't have to be complicated, and there is a blueprint that will make this so much more simple. 

If you want something different, you have to do something different. The people you see thriving online, engaging with people, drawing their ideal clients to them like a lighthouse... they are just like you. They just have a secret... They have a process, they have great coaching, and they have a community supporting them.

You've finally all of the above, and your time is now... Now let's get started!

SalesBrand - Passion to Profit Blueprint Online Course


Upon Investing You'll Receive:

Full Passion to Profit Course - Valued at $12,997 (lifetime access)

MODULE 1- Course Introduction

MODULE 2- Mindset and Business Foundations 

MODULE 3- What are You an Expert In? What Will be the Focus of Your Business?

MODULE 4- Finding Your Target Market and How to Select Your Niche

MODULE 5- Create Your Badass Online Brand! (Sneak Peak: Website building + Domain Hosting, Lead Magnets 101, Branding Yourself Like a Boss, Creating Profit-Driven Business Cards, Colors and Fonts for Your Biz, Personal Photography 101, Naming Your Products, so much more!)

MODULE 6- Become a Social Media Ninja (Sneak Peak: Sales Funnels Basics, Email Marketing 101, Social Media Platforms Primer, Facebook for Biz 101, Facebook Groups for Biz, Instagram for Biz 101, Facebook Profile Funnel, Canva tutorial, Social Media platform tutorials, Google Suite Setup Tutorial, Creating Video Content Master Class, so much more!)

MODULE 7- Integrity Based Sales (Sneak Peak: Learn to Love Sales, Integrity Based Sales Framework, Creating Sexy Consults 101, LinkedIn Sales 101, so much more!)

BONUS MODULE - Tech, Tools, and Resources (Recommended Mics, Cameras, Lights for Beginners, DYI Video + Music Editing 101, DYI Online Branding and Design) - valued at $800

BONUS - Recorded LIVE Mentorship Accelerator calls. - valued at $1,500 

BONUS - Recorded Interviews From Experts in the Online Information Space - Valued at $1,500

BONUS - Relevant new trainings - this course is unlike any other course in that Luz is always looking for the BEST business trainings to share with you. If you have questions about something, don't be surprised if Luz just adds a new training to teach you on that relevant subject matter! - Invaluable $$$

Badass Online Community of Support- you'll have access to our Facebook Group Community where Luz provides LIVE weekly trainings and conducts Exclusive Interviews - Valued at $3,000


Direct Access To Me and My Team Brand New, Never Before Seen Content In This Exclusive Course

Access To My Personal Rolodex of Lawyers, Designers, Marketing Experts, Developers, Project Managers, Copywriters, and Social Media Pros for your next Project!

Opportunity #1: Be Featured As A Case Study Success Story inside The Course!

Opportunity #2: Joint Venture with Me Personally, Accessing My List, Network...And My Advertising Dollars To Go 50/50 On Your Next Big Idea!

TOTAL VALUE: $19,797


(prices will be increasing for this course)



SalesBrand Mentorship Accelerator

Do You Want More Hands On Support? Join the SalesBrand Mentorship Accelerator

Now for anyone who wants additional support, the SalesBrand Mentorship Accelerator is going to be the right fit. 

-- Valued at $25,797

The Accelerator Includes: 

  • SalesBrand - Passion to Profit Blueprint Online Course (valued $12,997)
  • 12 Weeks Weekly Mentorship + Accountability Calls with Luz and Other Digital Experts (every Tuesday at 5pm PST)
  • Private Mastermind Online Community 
  • Expert interviews with live Q+A sessions focused on YOUR Business
  • 24/7 Question Forum with Team

SalesBrand Mentorship PLUS or Inner Circle

For anyone wanting more 1-1 support from Luz, SalesBrand Mentorship PLUS or our Inner Circle could be the right fit. 

These programs include all the support from the online course and Mentorship Accelerator while including dedicated strategy calls with Luz.

The Inner Circle program is only open to 7 members, includes holistic business coaching with daily tracking and metrics, weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly assessments, in-person masterminds, and so much more! 

If you would like to learn more about these two options make an appointment below to speak to someone on the team to make sure we provide you with the right option! 

Who Are the Entrepreneurs Using SalesBrand to Launch and Grow Their Online Businesses? 

"Before Passion to Profit Blueprint, I had no idea how to turn my 10+ year career as a podiatrist into an online business that could provide me with location freedom and that would replace the income I make being a doctor. I no longer wanted to be the prisoner of my office work, and I look forward to be able to live wherever I want and work on my own schedule. PPB has given me the tools and resources to get my practice online, and to know how to bring in clients, and at some point scale my business through the power of online! Thanks to PPB I know what steps I need to take to thrive!"

Dr. Tracy Robillard

"You'd have to literally do nothing and not start your business to not make a profit using the PPB"

Brandy Brooke

"I met Luz at a Bo Eason event, and after speaking to her and understanding that she worked with professionals like me, who although we may have years and decades of experience in our particular fields, aren't sure how we turn that expertise into a profitable online business, I knew I had to work with her. Since joining the Online Course and Accelerator, I know what concrete steps I need to take to turn my newest book into a profitable online business, and learned of possible wrong turns I could have taken at the beginning of my journey was it not for PPB. Thanks to PPB, I now am bringing in high-tier consulting clients while I build a scalable productized online business, that will afford me the ability to both work with high-level decision makers in my industry and command elite prices, while at the same time supporting the consumer side of my business model, scaling my business to a wider-consumer market, and making more impact in the world. I would not have the certainty I now have as to how to thrive online if it wasn't for the online course and my time in the accelerator with Luz. "

Prof. Jeff Oxendine


"After taking the Passion to Profit Blueprint, and partaking in the accelerator (I made sure to NEVER miss a call, no matter what as these were so valuable), I feel so confident in my real estate consulting business. I have clarity that I didn't have before, I know how to win in a business I had been in for YEARS prior, I redid my website, I learned about how to utilize LinkedIn for my consulting work, I feel so empowered knowing how to use Facebook Groups for my business, and I have new clients I am so excited to be working with. I overall I feel so confident and strong after taking the Passion to Profit Blueprint. I learned so many things I wouldn't have known about that are so critical for my business, and I couldn't have done it without Luz. I highly recommend anyone feeling confused, overwhelmed, or lost by tech and social media to take the PPB Course, it will teach you how to win at creating a 21st Century Business, and Luz's energy in teaching the course is so inspiring! "

Tony Faulkner

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